Unlimited number of products

15.07.16 Posted By Jindrich Muska

We have decided to change the Terms of Use of the Model Hobby Market international marketplace. All the limitations related to the number of products in the eshops have been removed. The number of products in the eshops is virtualy unlimited now including the free eshop version!

It is not  neccessary to consider if it would be better to offer a limited number of products or to buy a higher version of the eshop. The main differentiator between different versions remains the commission. The commission of the free eshop version is 10%, the commission of the bronze version is 8%, the commission of the silver version is 7% and the commission of the highest gold version is just 6%.

The key decision factor when considering which eshop version would be suitable is the monthlly revenue of the eshop. The bronze version becomes profitable for the monthly revenue higher than €500, the silver version for a revenue higher than €1,000 and the gold version for a revenue higher than €2,000 per month.


Jindřich Muška

Model Hobby Market