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30.04.16 Posted By Jindrich Muska

Compared to traditional e-commerce, most of a marketplace’s unique challenges come from the marketplace having two sides to it: customers and vendors.


When launching a marketplace, this means you need to solve the chicken and egg problem - how to get customers with little supply and how to get supply with only a few customers.


I simply believe that starting to seed the marketplace with vendors is the right way to go. We’re ready to support you and will do our best to attract the customers when having reasonable number of vendors in our marketplace. If you are a modeller, handy man or programmer, if you can sew, hand-knit, crochet, create metal candlesticks or horse saddles, simply if you can create something interesting, then you are very welcome to open a shop on our marketplace.


Thank you


Jindrich Muska

Model Hobby Market