About Model Hobby Market

Create your shop free of charge!

You can upload your products to the marketplace free of charge. The basic package includes 10% commission for the marketplace operator. If your business gets larger, you can buy one of the extended shop versions for lower commission. Each vendor can present his or her shop using a web address like modelhobbymarket.com/your-shop.

How to Shop?

You can put the chosen products from one or more vendors in your shopping cart. An individual invoice is sent to the you by each vendor. The vendor will send a shipping notification to you  after having shipped the products. You will receive the purchased products from individual vendors separately.

How to Sell?

As a seller,  you receive an order, which contains only your products included in the buyer's order. A payment is transfered to your PayPal merchant account immediately. An automatically generated invoice can be sent to the buyer by you. You’ll sends a shipping notification to the buyer after having shipped the goods.

Payment Methods

The buyer can make payments either from PayPal account or by Credit Card. The buyer must have a PayPal account created before checkout when paying via PayPal. PayPal payment gateway is used for the payments made by credit cards, however in this case the buyer doesn’t need to have PayPal account during checkout. All major credit cards are accepted. The payment is split between the vendors. PayPal immediatelly transfers individual respective payments to all vendors, whose products were in the shopping cart.

All payments are made in advance. Cash on Delivery is not supported.

Legal Status

Model Hobby Market is not a vendor, Model Hobby Market only facilitates the sale of products between the buyers and sellers. Model Hobby Market is not liable for any losses arising from the sale of goods and does not guarantee the quality of the goods offered, nor its availability. The vendor and the buyer are fully reponsible for the business concluded. The business relation is solely between the vendor and buyer. The buyer pays in advance. Model Hobby Market arrange payment between the buyers and sellers. Seller sends the goods to the buyer after the payment for goods and shipping cost has been made.


The buyer has to register before placing an order, during checkout latest. The buyer has all information about the orders placed, communication history with the vendors, vendor reviews, list of downloadable products, and the tools for complains and return of the goods (RMA) available in his account.

Each vendor must register as a vendor. Vendor registration is different from the registration of the buyer. These are two different registrations. Each vendor must be approved by the administrator before he can start using his shop. Each product must be approved by the administrator before being published on the website.

If the vendor wants to sell using the free version of the shop with 10% commission, then the vendor registration is sufficient. If the vendor wants to buy something, a buyer registration is required.

If the vendor wants to subscribe to one of the paid Model Hobby Market monthly subscriptions, he or she must be registered as a customer as well. When ordering Model Hobby Market monthly subscription, it is neccessary that the buyer is logged in as a customer and as a vendor at the same time, on the same device, in the same browser, just in different browser tabs. After loging in, the customer can purchase a virtual product - monthly subscription. When placing the order, the subscription is assigned to the vendor who is currently logged in on the same device. In case, that the buyer would be logged in as a customer only, then he or she will be asked during checkout to enter identity of a new vendor, that would be automatically created after placing of the order.

Vendors have a wide range of tools, enabling advanced product management , direct communication with the buyers using online chat or messaging application. Each seller can define various shipping method to the countries which he wants to deliver the goods to. Sellers who are registered for any tax can define an unlimited number of tax rates and rules depending on the type of product (tangible or digital download) and the delivery address (country).

Product Prices

Euro (€) is the base currency of Model Hobby Market. Prices of the products are entered and displayed in Euros. Each buyer can choose other currency available in the drop-down menu at the top of the page. The prices shown in this other currency are for informational purpose only to make the shopping easier for the buyer. If the order is placed with the currency set for other currency than Euro, the order and invoice will contain both currencies (Euro and the chosen currency), the price in Euro, however, will always be used as the base currency for all transactions. If the buyer's PayPal account or a credit card associated with a other currency than Euro, the specific exchange rate used during the actual transaction will depend on the PayPal daily exchange rate. PayPal exchange rate may differ from the exchange rate displayed on the Model Hobby Market pages.

Sales Tax

If the seller is a vendor who does not have to include a tax in the selling price, than the shown selling price of the goods is the final price for the buyer. If the seller is a vendor who has to add a sales tax to the price (like VAT in EU), then the prices are shown on the website without the tax! The tax rate, beside others, dependent on the ship-to address, i.e. address where the products are shipped to or where they will be used. Given that Model Hobby Market is a system used internationally, the ship-to country (and state) is known only at the moment when the buyer enters his address before placing an order. The tax is then calculated according to the tax rates and rules set by each vendor. The final price of the goods offered by the vendor, who is liable for the tax, ie price including the tax is shown to the buyer at the moment when his or her address is added to the order. It is reccommended that the vendors who have to add the tax include a statement in the produkt description that the price is shown without tax. The vendors are responsible for meeting all applicable tax laws including using correct tax on all documents. 

  Within EU, it is assumed that the buyer is always a private person who is not VAT registered. A "reverse charge" mode in the relationship between the buyer and the seller is not supported. The only exception is the purchase of a Model Hobby Market monthly vendor subscription. In this case, if the buyer is VAT registered in any EU country other than Czech Republic, this buyer will be charged a Model Hobby Market monthly subscription with zero VAT rate, ie using the "reverse charge" mode.

Vendor’s review system

Each buyer has the opportunity to submit e review of the vendor he bought the product from. Ratings are displayed for all MHM visitors. Buyers have the option to decide to buy from a particular dealer based on ratings awarded to him.


Price for opening a Model Hobby Market shop depends on the chosen subscription. The basic version is free, prices of other variants are listed on http://modelhobbymarket.com/pricing_page. Model Hobby Market charges a commission to vendors based on the sales price of the goods sold including tax and excluding shipping cost. Vendor enters a price including commission, which will be automatically deducted from the product price when the product is sold.